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Red and Philips father; connection?
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Red and Philips father; connection?

I can't really see this as being some spoiler. But just in case, for those who may not want to look into this too much, I'll have this as a spolier.

Spoiler below!
Sorry if this was discussed in other topics. Something came to me, and it may make me look like some dork, but ya know, a lot see me that anyway, so here goes.

Also, before I begin, I haven't read all notes you find, so that may make my thoughts on this even more stupid.

Do you suppose Red is Philip's father? I was thinking of a few key notes, his father dies roughly 30 years ago. He gets a letter addressed to him, by his father. How can he send something if he is dead? A bit of a stretch, but in Star Wars, Obi-Wan talks about Vader betraying and murdering Lukes father. Turns out, it's from a certain point of view.
"Red" may have been his father, but down in the caves, something happened and therefore, someone claimed him as dead, like Vader.
"Red" may mean blood; like death, just not really dead.
Also, Philip gets a letter from his dad, right? No one really knows what is in there, and why Philip seeks the caves, except to look for answers, right? Correct me if I'm wrong there.
If this "father" wanted Philip to seek him, where is he? Why is only "Red" the only one talking to Philip.
I may be twisting things up a bit too much. I can't see how "Red" can send a letter to Philip while being in that cave. But then again, he knows where Philip is in various places throughout the cave.
It's amazing on how many things can fit, and one thing that is different can make a world of difference.
Both Red and his Father had some 'incident' some 30 years ago, right?
If "Red" isn't the father, which is probably so, you suppose he had anything to do with Philips father? Did he kill the father, hide him in the shelter, or farther on down, not wanting Philip to find out? Maybe that's why he tried to kill Philip a few times, and refused the key.
Maybe I'm seeing it all wrong. I know one thing for sure, the very bottom section about him not being his father, but has something to do with his father, makes a ton more sense.
what do you guys think?

added note: "Ah, my memory is like something with a great many small holes. We shall be needing to perform some minor demolition work, so that we might one day meet again" is something Red says early in the game when you hear him. "meet again" hmm...
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