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Red and Philips father; connection?
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RE: Red and Philips father; connection?

WindexGlow Wrote:Money was tight before red was in the mine.
He saw a sperm bank one day.
He decided to get the extra money.
So he donates alittle. The stuff is forgotten in the back of a vault, but preserved.
Philip's mother wants to have a child. She goes to the sperm bank.
You do the rest.

Proof that red is philip's father.

cute (being sarcastic).
either I am being mocked or laughed at for this, which I should have saw coming, lol, or um...something else.

I mentioned a few times, forget about the red and father part. I want to talk about the second part. did red have something to do with Philips father? did the father go in the cave, and Red end up eating him? did the father warn Philip about not going in there?
I think this could go places. let's not ruin it with this father/red stuf, unless it's funny
06-28-2007, 04:01 AM

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