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Script Help Waterlurker not reacting to triggers?
palistov Offline
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RE: Waterlurker not reacting to triggers?

Sounds like a map cache issue to me. Close Amnesia, delete the map cache, then re-launch and see if it works. If that fails, go with Your Computer's suggestion, just make sure you create a water lurker in an isolated area that the player will NEVER get to (disable its triggers too) so that the entity is cached when the map is launched. If you don't do this, the player will get some lag when the water lurkers are created by the script.

Script line would be

CreateEntityAtArea("water1", "water_lurker.ent", "aSpawnLurker", false);

I'd suggest making a second area to spawn the second lurker at, in case some physics shenanigans goes down when they spawn on top of each other. Easy as that.

12-10-2011, 08:54 PM

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