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STILL STUCK in worm/acid area overture
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STILL STUCK in worm/acid area overture

well folks, months later. I gave up on this game. Tried again tonight to get over the second acid pool by moving boxes and jumping across. only managed two times to get across without falling in acid. Then worm got me... There is no time, period, not an extra second; for me to get to that pillar and get behind it and get out my pickaxe and knock it down. HELL. I am talking thousands of attempts. THERE has to be some way to skip a point in a game if you can not physically do it in the time alloted??? Is there nobody out there with a save I could get? This is completely nuts. I am desperate. HELP!!! I hate this. And yes I run. YES I hit the door close button. YES I jump over boxes to second doorway. Yes I shut THAT door by hitting button. YES I THEN have to hit tab button, get out pick axe break TWO fences. AND THEN I Hit tab again and put pickax away. THEN I have to move the two boxes into the acid, and try to jump across. HA> ONLY once I got to that pillar and before I could even hit tab and get pick ax out YET AGAIN to maybe hit the pillar. well as usual the worm was there and I was dead.
I mean seriously? I don't mind difficult but this is just ridiculous. MONTHS of trying. THen I quit. THEN I thought ok try tonight. One hour later. Oh screw this. What a stupid concept. Seriously? You couldn't put a few more seconds in there so some of us could actually get it?
Very fed up.
01-25-2012, 06:10 AM

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