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A Scientist And Renegade Saved Game
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RE: A Scientist And Renegade Saved Game

Thaliur Wrote:
Guest7 Wrote:When I download this to my zip and it uncompresses. It says where to download? I put it to download into Penubra Episode1. It does download but as a completely different file and not included in the game itself. It won't open up in the game as it says a SAV is not a valid windows file.
What am I doing wrong?
Thanks Thaliur
You have to copy the sav file into your savegame folder. I'd suggest the Favourites subfolder, because these won't be deleted, and aren't created automatically.

You will find a Penumbra Overture folder in your "My Documents" directory.
The sav file should go into "Penumbra Overture\Episode1\save\favorite"
Then you can select to load a favorite savegame in the game menu, and you will be standing in front of a cave-in
Thank you, that worked just right. Smile
09-02-2007, 01:16 AM

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