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It was fabulous... the best game i have ever played. I thought the graphics were great, the sounds were great. The dogs never quit freaking me out thruought the entire game. I seriously thought I was going to have a heart attack because my heart would race so fast when I was trying to be sneaky around the dogs.

Please dont change a thing. I have read many reviews on this site with suggestions of better monsters with more combat, harder to kill monsters, etc... Dont change anything.

There is an uncountable number of games on the market that are full of enemies to kill and combat throughout the whole game. They are a dime a dozen and are not unique. however, the market for those who like to play a good game with our wits is much, much smaller.

Dont add guns, I loved the idea of using your surroundings and whatever you could find to defend yourself. It forces you to be creative. Makes you think... Adding 'weapons' would take away from the games character and charm. It would make things too easy.

There are those of us who like to sit with our computer and lose ourselves in a scary story. We dont need to be fighting something at every turn, we dont need to be killing something at every turn. We like the fun of suspense/mystery/horror adventure games. We like clues, notes, and using our wits, and the occasional need to defend ourselves.

Please dont make it include more combat. I didnt kill a single dog, even though i read that you could. I preferred sneaking past them. That got my heart racing faster. i killed lots of spiders though!

The game is perfect, its exactly the right amount of 'monsters'. just the right amount of suspense and spookyness(?) That makes a good game and a long spell in front of the computer.

I have played many, many games in this genre and penumbra is truly the one that affected me the most. I couldnt play it at night, I tried - it wasnt happening!! And often after a tense moment, I would sigh and realize that I had been holding my breath and my whole body had been tensed up. But I couldnt get enough.

Looking so forward to the next one.

Remember, you dont need to fix what isnt broken - its great just as it is!!! Keep penumbra unique and original!!

EDIT (Luis) : Made it more eye-friendly Smile
08-23-2007, 05:50 AM

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