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Something in Penumbra that went missing in Amnesia
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Something in Penumbra that went missing in Amnesia

In Penumbra, you could rightclick on all the various objects and you'd see Philip's thoughts on the object.
Eg. you clicked some scratchings on a wood table and you would see the text appear like "Hmm whoever did this must have been insane". Or also give a clue as to how to proceed if it's a puzzle-related object.

I really enjoyed clicking on everything to see what Philip has to say about it. To me it provided an extra immersion, kind of like a text-based adventure game or novel and gave some deeper insight on Philip's mind. That helped me attach with the character IMO.
It went missing in Amnesia but I kind of hope it will make a return in A machine for Pigs.

The only thing that I didn't really like about this feature is the eye-icon you got when something was clickable, maybe it could be implemented in a different way, like the text coming up automatically as you are looking at something or something.

On the other hand, not having that feature gives a greater sense of isolation, and also desperation, as in Philip's case sometimes he would say something humorous about an object.

03-08-2012, 01:46 PM

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