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Ep2 videos, screenshots
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Ep2 videos, screenshots
I was expecting a better video but it is good anyway. Can't wait for more Smile
What do you people think about this? It seems that Philip woke up locked in a small room wich he will escape tru vent behind shelves.
You can hear someone coughing. Maybe somebody is near that room. And he will rescue him. Or he is keeping him locked in there.

Spoiler below!
[Image: penumbrabp.jpg]
This first screenshot was released a long time ago. I've taken a close look at it and I noticed something is floating in the water (maybe a new monster?). That man doesn't have his left arm and that means he can't be that man from the end of EP1 because we've seen him missing his right arm. And he looks very skinny and weak. Maybe he is naked because if you zoom in at him you can see his "penis" (?). But resolution is too small so it can be only something behind him.
This can be the ending of the game because you can see the lights coming out of that corner.
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