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Thomas, 2008-02-01, "HPL 2.0 - The beginning"
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RE: Thomas, 2008-02, 1st, "HPL 2.0 - The beginning"

Here's some suggestions:
-Command console (displays HPL scripts; entity changes, ect)
-Better particle collision (if possible; maybe my particles were just too heavy)
-Some color/light variables that can alter the look of the game slightly
-Increase amount of variables/options modders have for core gameplay (before you could just alter speed, turn, ect)
-Option to create a light source in HPL viewer (or 'night vision')
-Ability to add custom ingame filters that can increase/decrease light, such as HPL1's night vision)
-Ability to change height/width ingame, or remove collision (useful for creating dynamic camera angles)
-Ability to more easily set how far a light source can reach (instead of just increasing the power)
-More texture types (distortion mainly)

Can you tell us what style of game you are planning HPL2 to use?

Will HPL2 be based entirely off of HPL1 or is it almost entirely new?

Will it still encourage modders, and have tools for them?

Will .dae still be the preferred filetype?

What game do you think renders similar to HPL2 once finished?

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