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Penumbra: Black Plague Demo - Download Here!
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RE: Penumbra: Black Plague Demo is finally out!

Just finished the demo on a Mac, using Crossover. It works, but you need to set the shaders to very low (No lighting) or else tearing will abound (And I mean, really abound). Even with no lighting I still enjoyed it. Smile Can't wait for the mac version! Big Grin

One funny thing that happened was:

Spoiler below!
In the area where you need to cut the electric wires to open the door to the room with the syringe inside, I grabbed the brick and threw it into the door. Noticing that it opened (for a time) a considerable amount, I threw the brick at it again. The brick got stuck between the door and the doorframe. I couldn't get it out so I grabbed a chair, stuck the back between the door and the doorframe, and tried to wedge the door open. (XD) I wiggled it a bit and the brick fell into the other room.

Maybe in the first patch increase the strength of constraints on locked doors or something.. (I have to admit though, trying to wedge the door open was pretty fun XD)
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