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RE: Linux

jaeger Wrote:Frictional should consider releasing their SDK (for multiple platforms, of course, do NOT exclude the Linux community, we like making content too) so we can download and play custom content while waiting for more official episodes. Smile

This isn't easy. Most commercial game-devs (talking about those who target linux too) make the games in windows and for windows first. This means they make "good" decisions on game-libs (eg: cross-platform) but "bad" decisions on editors, game-content tools etc. (they usually use something completely unportable like MSVC++ with wingui or .NET).

It's usually a mixture of bad decision and familiarity complex. If they used something like Qt or Lazarus they could easily release the tools on other platforms too, but usually they know the windows gui tools better so they stick with it.

Just how I see things as an OSS dev. This isn't a critique per-se just trying to explain it from both sides.
05-28-2008, 11:28 AM

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