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Some quick questions. Please answer when you have finished the game
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RE: Some quick questions. Please answer when you have finished the game

1) What puzzles did you like the best? Why did you like them?
Spoiler below!
I personally liked the hive tests, they were really awesomeBig Grin
but also the test in the beginning, where u had to first make the coin [spoiler]flat then use it as a screwdriverBig Grin i felt like macgyver at first :')

2) What puzzles where the hardest to solve? Why where they so hard and what kind of solutions did you try before finding the correct one?
Spoiler below!
that dog, dunno if u count that as a puzzle or a boss or something like thatTongue but i had problems getting how u were to do himBig Grin, i tried running fast as a hurricaneTongue, just to find out how the enemy looked like, but nope, so i guessed the solutions with the barrels and then running in the lights
3) How did you find the pacing in the game? Where there any particularly slow moments or some moments where too many things happened?
Spoiler below!
I think it was well balanced, something took time to figure out, and somethings went to fast,but i have no complaints at that.

4) How did you like the variation of events and gameplay elements? Could there have been more diversity or should there be more focus on the gameplay?
Spoiler below!
I thnk thats the strong part of this game, it had nice varations, and the diversions where cool, the ones with clarence in ur head. If u've seen a tv serie thats called Taken, by steven spielberg, then believe me you will like these diversion. the theories with a thing in ur head that can control what you do, what you see(the aliens use telepathy) i just like the idea and theorySmile
5) How did you like the characters in the game? Was their voices fitting? Was the voice acting good? What character did you like best / worst?
Spoiler below!
I REALLY didn't like clarences voice, it kinda ruined the idea, he sounded like a weird cartoon character, and it wouldve been better if he had had another kind of voice which wasnt that cartoony...

6) How did you like the ending?
Spoiler below!
I liked the ending, it left me alot of questions that i really want answered Tongue ive already made a topic about that
Tell me what happens to him after the ending please

After Darkness, Comes Light.
02-18-2008, 02:31 PM

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