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Some quick questions. Please answer when you have finished the game
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RE: Some quick questions. Please answer when you have finished the game

1) What puzzles did you like the best? Why did you like them?

Spoiler below!
The last final puzzles i liked very much. Ok at the second test i cheated jumping on that wall and walk to the ending room. But i think you have to get killed by that alien zombie dude because this 'mind' or what it is said something about "Death" or "sometimes your death is the only solution blabla..." after that test.

2) What puzzles where the hardest to solve? Why where they so hard and what kind of solutions did you try before finding the correct one?

Spoiler below!
I had problems at the computer room cards puzzle to put the right programs on all three cards. And at the start i got problems with that freezer thing. Without help of this forum... well i think i would never found the solution to throw a brick at that cola machine thingy to get a coke or so and use it on the freezer thing Big Grin

3) How did you find the pacing in the game? Where there any particularly slow moments or some moments where too many things happened?

Spoiler below!
The only thing that freaking me out was the three aliens chasing me because at the first time i don't know that i have to push that wardrobe (or how you call it) over to block the door.

4) How did you like the variation of events and gameplay elements? Could there have been more diversity or should there be more focus on the gameplay?

Spoiler below!
It was awesome to use much objects in the game and use them or just pick them up and throw them around etc. It reminds me of that Gravity Gun in Half-Life 2.

5) How did you like the characters in the game? Was their voices fitting? Was the voice acting good? What character did you like best / worst?

Spoiler below!
Well... many doesn't like the voice of Clarence... BUT I FUCKIN' LOVED IT Big Grin

6) How did you like the ending?

Spoiler below!
Not so good. I really doesn't understand anything. At the end you are typing messages with this computer... to yourself or what? Because this messages you typed... you collected them before all this. What happend? Time Travel?

And why is the room getting darker and darker and then before it really all goes dark you can use the computer again to type that "Kill All. The Mine is at..." - I AM CONFUSED.

And this... alien zombie dudes... all what they wanted was Clarence? Is this right? They wanted him not me? And what does he mean with this "i was more like clarence" or how it's called in the English version...

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02-18-2008, 11:41 PM

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