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Some quick questions. Please answer when you have finished the game
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RE: Some quick questions. Please answer when you have finished the game

1) All the puzzles were enjoyable, but I particularily liked the Hivetests near the end of the game. I felt that they really fitted with the overall feel of the game, and you really felt involved trying to make your way through them. The physics-oriented puzzles were still the best though.
It was fun being able to construct a make-shift brigde to clear gaps. Similar tasks, like stacking furniture to reach higher levels was also great. Being able to think like this in a game really adds plenty to the immersion.
Oh yeah, the one where you had to inject that coma-inducing drug into yourself in order to access the cryo-storage was also pretty interesting

2) I don`t mean to sound arrogant but none of the puzzles gave me a real headache, even if they were really challenging. I guess thats what good puzzles are all about. At the top pf my mind I can recall the puzzle where you had to find some way of stopping the gas leak outside the Chemical Laboratory in the Shelter. I searched the whole area for something that could block the holes, until I tried knocking out the busted pipes and replacing them with a spare part. Damn, I really should have thought about that sooner...

3) I felt that the pacing was just right. I really can`t think of anything wrong with it. I was hooked throughout the entire game. Like in Overture, the thought of finally finding someone human kept the tension going.

4) Again, everything felt just right for me.

5) Clarence sounded appropriately wacked and Amabel had this calm, uneasy quailty to her dialogue. But for some reason I find myself thinking back to Dr.Eminiss. (correct spelling?) Him counting the days and minutes for nearly everything in a manic sensation was very creepy. Definitely put a stirr in me for a while after.

6) I liked it alot! It was a worthy conclusion to the story. It had this eerie, Lovecraftian desperation to it. I`m also glad that it didnt end in an epic boss-battle like most games tend to do. It just makes you feel more involved with the characters decisions without being forced into violence that is ultimately unsatisfying, at least for me. But I also have to admit that I am very interested at seeing a continuation to this story, since the ending does not provide complete closure. It really makes you wonder who the nameless recipient of Philips mail will be, and how he or she will react upon it.

I have waited for this game ever since I finished Overture last year, and the result was just more than I had expected. You have all done a really great job, and i hope this won`t be the last we hear from you ( in regards to the Penumbra-franchise or other projects!) Wink
02-21-2008, 11:24 PM

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