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Box or Point light
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RE: Box or Point light

Quote: Box lights are meant to cover very large areas with a very dark light
(for example, 0.05/0.05/0.05/0.05). They can be easily used to light
entire levels. Every map should have a box light (no exceptions).
Really disagree on the idea that every map should have a box-light. What would be unrealistic is that an underground facility somehow has light. Not nearly all of the original Amnesia maps have one.

Point lights are the ones that are easiest to use, and best to use. They are mostly realistic and can be easily managed.
Spotlights however are a tad bit harder to use, but can be very atmospheric. So with the combination of the two, and box light occasionally, you should be set to deliver the mood.
Try not to think "Point lights VS Spot lights" and instead try to use them whenever you feel the need. Variety is really the key to mapping!
On mansion-based maps with lots of light, there should indeed be a box light over the whole area though.

Confusion: a Custom Story - Ch1 for play!
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Delayed for now though!
07-20-2012, 03:03 PM
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