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(ON HOLD) Male Voice Actor Wanted - Deep Tones, No Accents.
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(ON HOLD) Male Voice Actor Wanted - Deep Tones, No Accents.

(When I say no accents, I mean I would like no accent to come through really, not even your lovely homegrown ones Wink )

Hey guys! I'm working on a rather large project at the moment, and I've almost finished with the intro scene, just have to fiddle with it a bit to get it right, but what's left to do at the moment, really, is just the voice acting. I'm planning to do it one bit at a time, and perfect each step before moving onto the next, so I will require small dialogues/monologues over a long period of time. (Also, a sequel may be a possibility, so this might require long-term availability, if possible.)

There will be multiple, short, story-embellishing scenes including the main character and a doctor, similar to that of the great "White Night", and the story starts with such a scene.

Here's the script:

Doctor AM: Mr. Matthew Jones. Welcome to our institution.

Main Character: Where am I?! Who are y-

Doctor AM: Shhh now, Matthew. Hush hush. We have plenty of time for questions, but give me a chance to explain first. I am Dr. Andrey Muggliev, head of the operation here at our little playground.

Main Character: P-P-Play..ground?

Doctor AM: Your mind, Matthew, your mind is our playground.

Main Character: What do you mean?

Doctor AM: Enough with the questions! Nurse! Come, quickly! Administer the injection, and you, make sure he's wired up, and let's run the program! Let us see how his mind handles fear!

Main Character: *Moan/Grunt as he falls unconscious*

I'm looking for someone to voice the Main Character, but I'd like him to sound quite badass Wink In this scene however, he is to appear dazed and confused, aswell as a bit scared.

Just a quick img to show that there is an actual project and that it isn't just nothing :
Spoiler below!


[Image: theshanusyoutube.jpg]
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