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Work in progress Break the Lock (Working Title) Full Conversion -Serious and Huge-
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RE: Break the Lock (Working Title) Full Conversion -Serious and Huge-

(09-25-2012, 09:00 PM)Nemet Robert Wrote: Quite some interesting info. What you're asking for is definitely time-consuming and takes quite a lot of effort to make. But with the proper team you can definitely make a successful FC.

Story's got my attention (good thing). Maybe you'll be lucky and someone will join you. I have my own problems over at my spot, so I can't join.
I'm hoping I can get people. So far the biggest thing holding me back is scripting. Everything else I could try and do on my own although it will take much longer and probably won't be earilier than when I graduate. I don't have a techy sponge brain so I've tried to learn as much as possible about scripting but nothing is sticking and there's so much to take in it's overwhelming. But anyways (and this is going to sound so cheap) but if you can point me to any websites or forums where scriptors might be available that would mean so much. I can imagine what tough spots you must be going through though that's never fun lol!
Thank you for mentioning the story interests you XD to me the description seemed bland but in my head it looks amazing xD I wish there was a way I could turn my thoughts into words to make it sound better ;P
09-26-2012, 02:10 AM

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