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Amabel? (spoiler + analysis)
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RE: Amabel? (spoiler + analysis)

Kedjane Wrote:
Petike Wrote:
Penumbra Wrote:Yeah, thats a fluke in the story line. Just like the tape recoder earlyer in the game, why would the zombie take the tape out of the recoder and put it into the locker after he killed the guy?

Yeah. I smiled at that little plot hole too... :-) But who knows - maybe the Infected love tidying old cassetes... :-DD Well, it would have been more natural, if the cassete was lying on the floor, or just thrown under the table with the recorder...
Seriously? Just throwing it on the floor right in front of the casette player? I'd eat it if I was a zombie, eat it or hide it in a closet nearby.

I meant to say, that the researcher of the AEC, Carpenter (or what that geezer's name was anyway), would have droped it on the floor, when the "zombie" attacked him (..."no, please - please ! Noooooooooo..."). You get the idea... ;-)

P.S. I sometimes speculate, if the zombie in the hallway wasn't Carpenter himself... :-P

"You... silly Billy !" (Clarence, Penumbra : Black Plague)
04-12-2008, 12:44 AM

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