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Spoiler Dogs get revived + question
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RE: Dogs get revived + question

(12-19-2012, 07:26 PM)blackdawg47 Wrote: When I encountered the first dog, when you first descend into the mine, I killed it with the hammer. It was 100% dead because the music stopped and there were no more dog growls. So, I could go to the storage room without having to avoid anything. When I unlocked the door at the middle of the map, however, Philip says he should barricade it so the dog won't be able to get in. But I killed the dog! Hah, I don't need any barricade - bullsh*t! The dog just popped in as if I never killed it. Now that's very unrealistic, especially for the easy difficulty. I think dogs are respawned everytime you leave and reenter an area...

And my question is: considering the fact that Philip was trapped in the mine for more than a year, what did he eat and drink? He just had a backpack...not enough room for a whole year's meal. And even if we consider he ate 24-hour ration packs or beef jerkys, what about the water?

As someone who has had issues with these darn dogs let me tell you that they don't come back to life. I've made sure. Double tab and everything!

I'm pretty sure that the dog breaking down the door was an inevitable cut scene.
01-30-2013, 07:38 PM

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