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Level Editor Help Black&White screen effect possible?
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RE: Black&White screen effect possible?

Maybe I could try incorporating something like this in my mod loader. Using settings like "CustomShaders=true" to allow it to copy over files from mod_folder/shaders. Would be interesting, but first I'd need to dig deeper into this to fully understand it myself.

Alteratively I could try making just a small, separate "patcher" sort of app.

If I am to just quickly think of how it could work within the app, how about this:

1. Check if folder "shaders_original" exists.
2. If not, rename "shaders" to "shaders_original." If it does exist, delete /shaders (because they're probably already modded ones).
3. After that, copy /shaders from the mod into original Amnesia root.

1. To unpatch, check if "shaders_original" exists.
2. If not, error (something manual has been done to interupt it and the original files may be gone).
3. If it exists, delete /shaders and rename "shaders_original" back to "shaders."

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