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The Black Plague Ending (Spoiler)

RE: The Black Plague Ending (Spoiler)

roadkiller Wrote:I understand it the reson that the room turned out to turn black is because the turngait didn't want you to get over headed with the year, or getting out and take a break, or wondering where you are he wants you to type the message not, lets get out of here and fuck this place he wants you to type the message!
thats my story Tongue lol
i hope thats right

I think you are wrong a little bit, because I don't think of a reason why the Tuurngait host will make u confused on "What are all this documents mean?!" and "Which year is it!?".
Maybe the "I have to get out of here" part is related, and also the "It won't budge" might be like- 'nothing works anymore'.
04-25-2008, 03:29 PM

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