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Do you want the hunter
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RE: Do you want the hunter

Most likely, we will not meet the hunter in Requiem. But, i got a little idea of an encounter.

You slowly open the door, the light from the room behind you slightly lighten up the next room before you. You pick up your flashlight to see better, but it flickers and then it turns off. You move into the room, and suddenly the door behind you closes and you hear plate buckets and other items fall to the floor with a disturbing echo, the room is big. And there is nowhere to run, the light turns on for a second and then turns off again. There was blood on the wall and things all over the floor.
You start to breath heavier and you can hear footsteps from bare human feet coming your way. You try to open the door, but with no luck. You start to make a creepy sound, almost like crying in panic. Then the footsteps end. Silent like death, then the light turns on and you see the vent is open to your right.
The door is still locked and the only way to go...Is into the vent.

I just feeled to write something. I agoing to create a horror adventure myself sometime. So i got many ideas. This is one of them. Wink

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06-05-2008, 10:30 PM

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