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Anyone else Pre-Ordered Age of Empires II HD?
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RE: Anyone else Pre-Ordered Age of Empires II HD?

(04-05-2013, 08:50 PM)Hunter of Shadows Wrote: Waiting for something to come out and see the reviews is the smarter thing to do
85% true of the time, however if the game is giving some absolutely amazing pre-order incentive, AND you have a good amount of faith that the game will deliver then I don't see much of a problem in going ahead.

For example, preordering Bioshock Infinite on Steam gives you the Industrial Revolution mini-game, the original Bioshock, TF2 items, and XCOM Enemy Unknown. If I wasn't so completely sticking to my standards of always getting retail versions of games if possible, I would've pre-ordered the hell out of that game, especially since I know Irrational Games is a really great developer.

Naked? No Wrote:I don't see the need to pre order a game unless it's from a store (so that you can get a copy before they run out)

I did this actually with Dead Space 2's Collector's Edition since my local retailer only ended stocking something like three of those when the game came out, one being reserved for me.

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