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Thomas, 2008-06-18, "Character version 2.0"
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RE: Thomas, 2008-06-18, "Character version 2.0"

Quote:So if something heavy fall on player then he will get killed or hurt?
That is very game specific as a character controller is just an engine object and does not really care bout death, life stuff like that Smile But it should be very possible to code into the game.

Quote:Will that be possible to do opposite? Like you drop a stone on your head and walk around with it on your head?
Nope, I just think it is odd if a box ends up on the players head so I have made sure that stuff should fall off if possible. This was something that could happen with the old character controller though, although the object would not "ride" with the character.
06-19-2008, 10:56 AM

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