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AddBodyForce Cabinet Doors Script Problem
Mazl Offline
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RE: AddBodyForce Cabinet Doors Script Problem

(06-15-2013, 03:41 AM)Amn Wrote:
(06-13-2013, 02:30 PM)DeAngelo Wrote: This would be a bit roundabout, but you could try this: Make a new entity that is a move object, but is invisible. (You could just modify the blockbox and save it as a new entity)

Then place them in the level at the right angles so that when you move them (and move them rather fast but a short distance) they will "smack" the doors.

As I said, a bit roundabout but it should achieve what you want.
Actually that's an awesome idea.
I don't know if applying it here it's the best solution but it's great for more complex stuff. So i'll keep it in mind in case i ever need it. +rep DeAngelo.


I always use BodyImpulse and is working for me.
I just put the cabinet in my map, wrote this line and it opened one door as it should.

AddBodyImpulse( "cabinet_nice_1_Body_1", 5, 0, 5, "" );

Now when I Use this code:

AddBodyImpulse( "cabinet_nice_2_Body_1", 0, 0, -3, "" );
AddBodyImpulse( "cabinet_nice_2_Body_2", 0, 0, -3, "" );

than it is working.... this is strange for me, but now its working, thanks Smile

Edit: oh no, now i know why it dont worked. It was because i locked the door at the beginning, and unlocked it in the middle. But when i not lock it at the beginning, than it is working.... (i know, very bad english Big Grin)
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