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Luis, 2008-07-31, "HPL Level Editor Milestone 2: (Static) Objects in Space"
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RE: Luis, 2008-07-31, "HPL Level Editor Milestone 2: (Static) Objects in Space"

Lovely update; and what's that avatar from? Looks like a 70s show or something!

And now, your friendly neighborhood questions;
1: How varied will the wall selection be? Will it allow us to create unique styled rooms; or will any mods that strictly use the level editor to have the same style of geometry?
Quote:he biggest change is that now you can add static objects (ie, stuff that isn't supposed to move around in the game, like walls, floors and so on).
How will floors work exactly? Will they be similar to walls (pick from a pre-determined selection) or will they be automated? Same goes for ceiling
3: Will there be vertices's/face manipulation? Will there be an option to increase the polies for each static object?
4: If you allow #4, will you include basic shapes? Square, cylinder, ect? With varying variables that control the polygons on each side, ect
5: What is the crowd this level editor is aimed at? Users who have rarely/never used a model editor, or users who are familiar with using one?
6: What will be the experience slope on this? Will there be options that newbies find useless, but experienced users find useful?
7: Will there be any cost-savers? Mainly with math equation (placement and duplication of objects, ect)

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