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Luis, 2008-07-31, "HPL Level Editor Milestone 2: (Static) Objects in Space"
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RE: Luis, 2008-07-31, "HPL Level Editor Milestone 2: (Static) Objects in Space"

Some more suggestions;
-Allow objects to be grouped by either 'Destination Folder' or by 'Custom Folder' (a special pre-text in the model/texture file)
-Allow all models/textures/sounds used to be exported to a certain folder (this is great when modding, so we don't include textures we didn't use ourselves)
-Make portals very easy to use. This is one of the main hurdles I still have trouble with in my levels
-Perhaps an option that will 'mass-add' imports (dae) should you create a custom model type ('hplm' (HPL+M(model))as an example)
-A side-box that displays a selected model in 3-d form.
-Parmimiters that control a lights flicker freqeuncy (instead of having to make it as a custom entity)
-Simple check-boxes that control certain boolean properties of a model (casts shadow, collision, ect)
Quote: If you allow #4, will you include basic shapes? Square, cylinder, ect? With varying variables that control the polygons on each side, ect
Quote:3. Don't think so, the aim is to keep the editor as simple as possible.
4. Same as 3.
How will we do "Sounds" or "entry boxes" or even "collsion Boxes" than?

Quote:Will there be any cost-savers? Mainly with math equation (placement and duplication of objects, ect)
Quote:As for the math equation thingy, I don't think I really got you, so if you please..
[hidden][Image: deletemedk5.jpg][/hidden]
The bars are supposed to look equal distance.
That is an example of a sewer I was making before my computer died. An example of the wire-holders (not the wire) might be;
Duplicate 5 times
I = duplication # + 1
X offset = 0
Y offset = (I x 10) x 3
Z Offset = (I x 10) x 2
That would be a really big time-saver on my part.
5: Ability to spawn anywhere, at anytime in the level. This would be purely for testing out puzzles that dont' relay on previous scripts to work.
6: A more flexable scripting process, or at least a better way to debug scripts.

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