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GDC EU 2012 Talk
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RE: GDC EU 2012 Talk

So glad this talk is available for free now! Thanks for letting us know. I've been browsing the GDC vault for a while trying to find it, but the subscription price is too high

(07-20-2013, 03:01 PM)Acies Wrote: The talk about movement controls and the benefits of "multi-tooling" simple commands (running causes you to jump over crates in Assassin's creed) and the disadvantages of them (running up walls when wanting to look at a fruit).

Do you think that since the keyboard of the PC have more keys available; would it be viable to, instead of "multi-tooling", adding more keys for movement? The classical example is that in "the game world" I'm standing by a box which I clearly would be able to climb "in the real world" (through using my hands) but I'm only allowed to jump stupidly beside it - slightly taking you out of the experience as you talked about.

If you haven't already, check out how that is handled in Thief 1 & 2, and other dark engine games like System Shock 2. There when you jump into an object that you should be able to climb up (i.e. it has an edge at your body level when in the air) and hold down the jump key, you climb it. It's really simple and effective, not flashy, and you never end up climbing a wall when you want to steal a candlestick Smile

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