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Work in progress Riukka [+Trailer]
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Thumbs Up  Riukka [+Trailer]

Hello awesome people.
This is my second mod, i'm gonna upload it to moddb in a couple of days.

I want to show you the trailer, there's a large brute that throws rocks.
It's the same brute, just another attack.

About the trailer
Spoiler below!

Maybe the music was a little too strong, but whatever.

Those explosions in the video are traps, things that enemies place to kill the player, since he's hard to catch.
If you find an object out of context, it's probably a trap.

The grunt hand you see when the player interacts with things, it's just a small addon i did. I'll upload it somewhere.

I know some textures look weird or bad, but it's the last thing in my list and i wanted to have the trailer ready first.

The enemy at the caves is, as you may have noticed, a modified grunt.
It has alpha channel to hide some of his parts.

Spoiler below!

The girl can't walk and spends her days reading and dreaming in bed.
A supposed god appears, and offers to heal her affliction if she completes his quest.

Spoiler below!

All you see in the video.
And there's a short tutorial ingame, you can test there.

Spoiler below!

[Image: srjvmfjdsgd1.jpg]
[Image: aitvamifakgr2.jpg]
[Image: etgbsrujdgds3.jpg]

Spoiler below!

Some models are from Penumbra and Amnesia.
Rest is mine or Rapture's.
You'll probably be able to use anything you want.

Some special belong to other guys, like a whiskey glass and a ragdoll.
Full list is in the game credits.

Spoiler below!

Special thanks to a great guy named Rapture for the epic models at the library level (pillars, altar, a cellphone, bookshelves, and a lot more) and all the new ones he is making for the next set of levels. He's also fixing materials and textures.

I want to thank too to my buddy Chris Marcellus (FoxFyreRecluse) for making a marvelous voice acting for DownTheRabbit mod two days ago. If you don't care for the mod or you already played it, get the files and hear his acting, he's really talented!

I hope you like it, it's gonna be available at moddb as soon as i finish a couple of things. What you think about it this far?

07-23-2013, 06:19 PM

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