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Amnesia: TDD LHudson Reviews Custom Stories
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RE: LHudson Reviews Custom Stories

I watched all of your videos and have some thoughts if you are interested in hearing them.

First of all, I think the concept itself deserves applause - although I frequently rant about how flawed the concept of art critique is, I think this idea is fresh and quite welcome. Although I would urge players to decide for themselves upon the merits of a particular custom story this review show is not without its merits as players can get a glimpse into the game and hear structured arguments for why they should or shouldn't play it. They are also mostly spoiler free it seems which is good. The only problems I had were 1) the fact that the footage is most certainly not HD and in fact quite low quality I would say and 2) I think your voice tends to be a bit monotone and inexpressive. After 6 videos I have gotten used to it but it does not enthrall me at all.

Apart from that, I think this is great stuff so far, the editing is good, it is well structured, concise (maybe the videos are a little too short sometimes) and not unenjoyable. I would however recommend not reading the release date aloud in the introduction to your videos. It's extremely superfluous because if anybody is actually interested they can simply read it. I know it's only 2-3 seconds but it is still tedious to listen to. You might also think about adopting a more informal style of introduction, it is a bit stiff as-is. Anyway, whether you agree or disagree with my perception, I do wish you great luck with these reviews, I think this has the potential to become "big" so to speak.
08-31-2013, 08:17 PM

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