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Can someone make these into statis_objects?
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RE: Can someone make these into statis_objects?

(09-06-2013, 06:31 PM)Rapture Wrote: I believe you are confusing "Planes" with "static_objects" .

(1) Go to your Amnesia Root folder with your Dev Tools, open up the "Material Editor".

(1b) Use this image in spoilers for Steps (2 - 5)!

Spoiler below!
[Image: 65j.png]

(2) At the top-left, under the "General" section, change the "Type:" to "soliddiffuse". (Encircled in cyan)

(3a) At the bottom with be "Texture Units", at a minimum make sure "Diffuse" is checked on. Some new options will appear to the right.

(3b) Click the "..." square button next to the blank white bar under "File".

(3c) If you haven't already, place your download texture files in your Amnesia the Dark Descent > static_objects > "Create a Folder with a name of the person who made these, which would be "junkfood2121".

Go to the folder where you placed the textures, and find the appropriate one.

You might see a bunch of files with similiar names for a particular texture...

Example 1 : "Wood1.dds"
Example 2 : "Wood1_norm.dds"

Look for a name like in Example 1, it should have no extension like the "_norm".

And check it out, it should look like a regular texture file, if that makes sense to you. It should like wood, that is all.

(4) Repeat this same process for any of the other "maps" under "Texture Units". If their is a "NMap" available, add it in. If their isn't any, skip it. Repeat this step for each one.
(Realistically though you should know beforehand how many you have to check, since it's a waste to check each one. The main ones you will be checking are "Diffuse, "NMap", "Specular", and "Height". Anything else for "Plane" textures would be a special case.)

If your confused to whether a texture might be a "NMap" or a "Alpha" or anything else. Look at the file name, it should have something like "ExampleTexture_norm.dds", "ExampleTexture_spec.dds", "ExampleTexture_height.dds" or something along those lines.

Look for key words like nrm, norm, spec, height, illum, cube at the end of the texture name to figure out which one pairs with what.
Some people might use nrm instead of norm, but they mean the same thing.

(5) At the right should be a preview, check the "Rotate Model" below it. If your happy with what you have, go to "File" > "Save".

Go to the same directory where your ".dds" textures are stored, the same ones you used to apply the texture in this tutorial.

Save the file as the same name shared by the textures but add a ".mat" to the end.

Example = "ExampleTexture.mat"

(6) Go into your Level Editor, select the "Planes" from the left side. Go to the "Material" section on the right side, click the "..." square button. And browse to where you saved your "ExampleTexture.mat" or whatever you named it when you saved it.

(7) It should be working properly, and enjoy!

In the "walls" map there is ONLY .mat-files and .jpg
09-06-2013, 06:56 PM

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