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Can the sexism in these types of games stop?
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Can the sexism in these types of games stop?

I grew up playing survival horror games, and the ones I grew up on were pretty fair to both sexes - male and female.

Silent Hill 3 had a female protagonist, sadly, the only one in the series.
Resident Evil was the most fair, the first three games having equal opportunity of playing as either a man or female (and both).
There were others like Clock Tower, and Fatal Frame... but over the last decade there hasn't been much fairness to females in gaming.

Now, I am a big fan of the Penumbra games, and the first Amnesia game. Not a big fan of AMFP, but can't the developers please just make ONE full-length game where the entire game has a female protagonist? Justine does not even count because that was one level and extremely short. And I do feel like they did it so people would not call the developer "sexist".

Why aren't developers producing at least one full length game with a female protagonist?

Are they afraid of being labelled "ghey" or not masculine?

I really want to know.

All these games revolve around "daddy" this or "daddy" that, or my father died and I need to search for him... I don't like it and its exhibiting some serious mother issues. To me it's becoming apparent that most developers today are exhibiting serious mysogyny.

Please don't call me a feminist because I think most if all of you know that there are no games produced in the last few years with a female protagonist.

Name one full-length first-person horror game with a female protagonist?


And ones that are not horror, lets see: Tomb Raider, Bayonetta, Lollipop Chainsaw... and 99 of the other titles have male protagonists.
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