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Can the sexism in these types of games stop?
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RE: Can the sexism in these types of games stop?

There's always someone...

Look, the game is the way it is and complaining on the forums won't get a goddamn thing done about it. I find it quite irritating that they spend countless hours creating a product that, frankly, was a risky step forward in the horror genre due to its bare-bones gameplay, smaller emphasis on monster chases, and greater presence of subtle clue-based storytelling, all wrapped up in a neat little $15 package for you to enjoy, and you find a reason as outlandish as this to complain? The protagonist isn't the right gender for you? What, like that has any effect whatsoever on the narrative? The game is set in 1899, and things were sexist back then. Women couldn't even vote. They were simply not a big part of the industrial movement, and the industrial movement is central to this game.

I do not believe the gender should have changed, because it would be unlikely for a woman to have built her own empire of butcher's machinery, simply due to a lack of rights and respect. I know you say 'pigmen didn't exist back then either, so why not?' and I'll tell you why. There's a difference in fiction between basing it in reality, and creating your own reality. I believe the stronger fictional story would be one that is grounded in reality, but has fantasy/fictional elements in it. They aren't actually real, but they feasibly could be.

I'm not saying women are weak, blah blah blah, I just think that it's such an incredibly small and minute thing to be complaining about that you should honestly just not be so vocal about it and simply be happy for what you do have. There are plenty of games/movies with strong female protagonists, why do you have to complain about this one? Were you expecting something else?

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09-11-2013, 09:16 AM

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