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Can the sexism in these types of games stop?
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RE: Can the sexism in these types of games stop?

(09-11-2013, 08:44 AM)Tombcool Wrote: I grew up playing survival horror games, and the ones I grew up on were pretty fair to both sexes - male and female.

Silent Hill 3 had a female protagonist, sadly, the only one in the series.
Resident Evil was the most fair, the first three games having equal opportunity of playing as either a man or female (and both).
There were others like Clock Tower, and Fatal Frame... but over the last decade there hasn't been much fairness to females in gaming.

Now, I am a big fan of the Penumbra games, and the first Amnesia game. Not a big fan of AMFP, but can't the developers please just make ONE full-length game where the entire game has a female protagonist? Justine does not even count because that was one level and extremely short. And I do feel like they did it so people would not call the developer "sexist".

Why aren't developers producing at least one full length game with a female protagonist?

Are they afraid of being labelled "ghey" or not masculine?

I really want to know.

All these games revolve around "daddy" this or "daddy" that, or my father died and I need to search for him... I don't like it and its exhibiting some serious mother issues. To me it's becoming apparent that most developers today are exhibiting serious mysogyny.

Please don't call me a feminist because I think most if all of you know that there are no games produced in the last few years with a female protagonist.

Name one full-length first-person horror game with a female protagonist?


And ones that are not horror, lets see: Tomb Raider, Bayonetta, Lollipop Chainsaw... and 99 of the other titles have male protagonists.

Are you a troll or a you serious? You seem like one of those crazy Anita Sarkeesian fans who incorrectly use the word 'misogyny' which you just did. Not only that but it's always the same thing 'name a game that has a female protagonist' (in your case a horror title this time.) I highly doubt the females who play this game could care less what sex the protagonist is.

Where exactly is this subliminal message promoting hatred towards women in this game? Other than that who cares whether the protagonist is male or female? I think you're making a mountain out of a molehill.

Even though I am male I played as a female in Borderlands 2 (the mechromancer,) yeah BL isn't a horror game but my point is, is that the gender of the protagonist shouldn't matter.
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