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Can the sexism in these types of games stop?
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RE: Can the sexism in these types of games stop?

I had a long response towards solarn that I lost because the thread was closed buuuuuut summing it up quickly:

There's a massive difference between real feminists and the pseudo feminists who scream sexism and misogyny at everything (see OP). Pseudo feminists are shit stirrers, add nothing to the actual issues, want MORE rights than men, argue about non issues and generally make the real feminists look bad.

As for privileges you can't say that women aren't treated better in a court of law. In the USA divorce courts tend to side with the mother and give her the kids instead of the father, regardless of who is the better parent.

That's gender inequality towards men.

I understand why people will never let anyone forget how women were treated before, and that's a great thing, we should never forget how reprehensible those times were, but by doing this people often forget that men also go through their issues against inequality. I'm not saying to make a big fuss about men's issues, which aren't as numerous as the shit women had to go through but you can't talk about gender inequality and only look and focus at one of them.

There are double standards in society and till people learn to recognize them and fairly discuss them we won't get anywhere with gender equality. And because this hasn't happened, what we've seen is a lot of politically correct mainstream trains of thought that miss the issues and just reinforce said double standards.
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