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Spoiler Plot Discussion Thread *Spoiler Alert*
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RE: Plot Discussion Thread *Spoiler Alert*

(09-11-2013, 12:50 AM)General Consensus Wrote: It was the August 30th 1899 letter, about the receiving of a crate with a body inside. Oswald describes "It is humanoid in shape, but has suffered severe skeletal deformity. Remnants of leather straps encase the torso, which is deformed, with evidence of muscle mass and displacement."

Pretty sure it was referring to one of the pigmen, grunts weren't especially muscular.

As far as references to the first game, the most obvious is the Compound X stuff. A letter specifically mentions it being made of, "Brennenburg Infusion (or something like that) Vitae" and some other compound. Also, the reference to an "Orb" (with a capital 'O' interestingly) is a big one.

Also, I may have found the Brennenburg coat of arms. Probably wishful thinking, but this just seemed a little too out of place. I'm curious if anybody can confirm this to actually be a connection to Brennenburg:
Spoiler below!

[Image: BA5826D5F104A18A48CD5729CCB63FCDC7B0BA2C]

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