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Spoiler Plot Discussion Thread *Spoiler Alert*
zweikiki Offline
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Can somebody explain the whole story? *SPOILERS*


There are a lot of questions I have about the game. I'm no english native, so maybe I missed some details here and there, but I guess a lot of the story is also open for interpretation. I think I dont get the ending at all.

Are Mandus and his antagonist the same person?

Who is that guy in the coffin at the end?

Why is there a heart build in the machine?

Why is there a huge temple in the machine? And what exactly does Mandus do at the end when he straps himself into the chair?

What about all those colored pig masks?

How did Mandus' children die exactly? And why has Mandus visions about them (opening their chests and showing their hearts)?

Why has Mandus created the man-pig hybrids in the first place? And what is that electro pig?

Maybe someone could just write down the whole story? I'm kinda curious...
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