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Spoiler Plot Discussion Thread *Spoiler Alert*
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RE: Plot Discussion Thread *Spoiler Alert*

Quote:LarryV Wrote:

Have you read the From Hell companion?

Nope, unforunately not.


A few random thoughts:

Why Enoch, an uncommon name in my opinion, as a name for one of the child? Seems it may be a direct biblical reference to Enoch (ancestor of Noah) or Enoch (son of Cain).

Also, why Lilibeth? So similar to Lilith, a character in Jewish mythology. Probably a stretch, but it just crossed my mind.

Since in the church we can clearly see the stained glass with a person with a jaguar mask tearing out a heart, I guess it would mean that or Mandus was seeing some things different from the way they are in the real world, or the whole thing was inside his mind since the beggining (both things have been pointed out many times before, but I just think that the stained glass is a strong evidence to some of these hypothesis).

I keep thinking about this passage:

"We are breaking through the barriers of death itself. Oh my dead darling Lily, it is too late for you, but I promise you this: I will save our children from death and, if need be, I will wrench them back from the blackness with this wonderful concoction!"

The machine has its sinister purpose but could it be that, since the child's heart are in the machine, Mandus hope the concoction could someday ressurect them. But first he says "I will save our children from death" and only after he mentions the concotion, and "if need be". Perhaps he means that to save them from death is not the same thing as ressurecting them? Perhaps they are saved from death being 2 hearts powering the machine... Sorry, I'm kinda rambling now.

Also the passage:

"I am an angel of death, descending to smother the firstborn for the death of the two that came after"

Is probably just a metaphor, as have been said and pointed the biblical reference before, but I can't help but feel that there is more to it that meets the eye. Who would be the firstborn in this case, if this is to be taken literally? The machine? No, can't be. Was there another child? And I realize this contradicts the game, but I thought of it anyway, maybe Mandus dark side already existed before and it is that the "firstborn"? Just pure speculation, I know.

Again about Jack the Ripper, in the passage: "Perhaps I should show him the tripery. See whether his stomach, so trained by rummaging in the innards of clumsily vivisected whores, is strong enough to stare into the real engines of his golden age. I may even introduce him to Jack, or his sons at least. We have stronger locks on the windows now, and we bring their toys to them."

Could it mean that Mandus itself was Jack the Ripper, and he is referencing his own sons? And he means that in the way that, he will introduce "Jack" to the Professor by killing him? And that the locks in the windows aren't meant to keep outside people/things from entering, but to keep people from leaving? ... But then I think of the part of "clumsily vivisected whores", and I think that, if Mandus was the Ripper, he would not call his own work clumsy, I guess. But maybe he is, and Jack the Ripper is his dark side/ the firstborn!!! Ehh, probaly no, quite a leap of faith, but this game left my imagination run wild. Tongue
09-14-2013, 10:36 PM

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