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Spoiler Plot Discussion Thread *Spoiler Alert*
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RE: Plot Discussion Thread *Spoiler Alert*

There are things to be found here.

Specifically, these blocks that are seen quite often are now in piles.

There was also a teddy bear and a pig mask accompanied by a note, but they disappear upon looking at them (pig mask and bear).

I think the answers to the remaining mysteries of the plot will be found in these secret areas, so we should keep looking for them. I kind of skimmed over the note that was under the crates because I wanted to post this place once I found it. I'm sure someone else can find it and paste its details over.

EDIT: If someone has already found this and pointed it out, my bad.

The note:
Spoiler below!

"A different strategy for the poor, who mistrust the offered hand, the plate of steaming offal. For them, we are become the disappearance in the night.

More efficient and less visible to picking off stragglers and stays is the removal of the entire communities in one swoop. Le the ground open under them and fall to the maw. Last month, by activating the doors shortly after midnight on a balmy Saturday, fifty-seven individual products were obtained in a single catch.

I have instructed the workhouse to begin plans for a street festival before the end of summer, to pack out the narrow lanes with a teeming throng, with hundreds of pairs of feet. We have begun to assemble a network of false streets and have extended the holding pens in preparation. A second pigline will be added to enable the system to cope with the increase in traffic."

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