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Is A Machine For Pigs best suited to a 'mature' audience?
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RE: Is A Machine For Pigs best suited to a 'mature' audience?

AAMFP, as was TDD really, is a solitary serious experience. TDD COULD'VE been turned into "bet you will get scared" kind of game, "for everyone", and it was, losing half the point of it's existance in the process. But it still wasn't about that. AAMFP is harder to turn into that. It's more of a psychological horror and that's always something that needs attention and looses most of the charm if turned into a "party" playthrough.
I mean - imagine TDD being Silent Hill and AAMFP being Silent Hill 2. Both games are best played alone - not necesserily "alone at home, with headphones, at night and lights turned off" as some of the games ask you - but alone, with all attention to the game. But first SH can, if you try, be turned into a "who gets scared" party playthrough. And it's much harder to do the same with SH2 - the themes are different, the horror is different. It doesn't make one of them better, but that does make them different in how you can approach them, and how you cannot, as it will destroy the point of the game completely.
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