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Level Editor Help Corrupt data(?)
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RE: Corrupt data(?)

I checked that and made sure everything is good and unfortunately I'm already completely set up. This isn't a problem with setting up a development environment because most items load fine, there are just a few objects which fail to load for some reason... It's a problem with entities which are in my .map file not loading into the game. I'll give an example if it will help you:

The entity "Slide_Door_1" will not show up in the editor any more. (It did before switching hard-drives)
"Slide_Door_1" DOES however show up in-game if I allow it to use the cache file.
"Slide_Door_1" is definitely in my .map file. (Screenie) http://puu.sh/4NKzc.png
However when I load in Lvl Editor I get an error reported to the log: http://puu.sh/4NKgX.png
Also I cannot find the entity via the browser. http://puu.sh/4NKqo.png

I have suspicions that the problem involves the fact that my custom story is now inside a different drive to what it used to be, but surely the entities dont use an absolute drive-path anyways?

10-12-2013, 12:26 AM

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