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Level Editor Help Corrupt data(?)
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RE: Corrupt data(?)

FileIndex = 1 for Slide_Door_1 entity. Scroll upward from that location until you reach the FileIndex_Entities element. Observe the child elements of that node, specifically whose ID matches the FileIndex of Slide_Door_1. (assuming one exists that matches the FileIndex) Observe the Path attribute of that child element. The path should accurately point to where it is located relative to the level editor (this likely being in the custom_stories folder).

How is it, then, that the FileIndex be out of bounds when one can clearly see it is within the bounds of the would-be array of file indexes? One possible explanation is that the message is not complaining about the one generated from the map file but from another array. This other array has been known to be the one generated from the resources.cfg file. If you have truly followed everything written in the wiki article i linked to (which i find unlikely given the image you posted in the original post), then you should indeed verify that the file is in fact on your "different" drive.

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