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The Slaying of Sandy Hook Elementary
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RE: The Slaying of Sandy Hook Elementary

I'm thinking of the movie Funny Games as a parallel. The director smugly proclaimed it to be a commentary on the torture porn genre, which fails on two levels: the people who the message would be likely to affect will not want to see it, and those who the message would be useless on (guys who enjoy the genre) would decry it as lame and boring.

That being said, I can't be too sympathetic to anyone. The developer is an arrogant spoiled brat who would lack the empathy to see the funny side if a tragedy affected him personally, and the media circus is taking his bait and denouncing him as a horrendous monster for...making an offensive game. He deserves to be mocked, but I feel like all the energy devoted to getting angry over him could be used to tackling the underlying issues that lead to massacres. Let's face it - there will be school shootings in the future, and scapegoating individuals avoids the fact that societal issues like the availability of firearms, the stigma towards the mentally ill and a culture that worships violence all contribute to horrible outbursts like this.
11-22-2013, 09:02 PM

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