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Black screen with logo or other image ingame
DnALANGE Offline

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RE: Black screen with logo or other image ingame

DO what above said.
OR if you have Amnesia PREMONITION installed,
You can open my map called : StartDriving.map
Open it in the level editor and take a look how i did it.
Then you can learn a little yourself.
PLUS you can take the black plane witch can be found in here : \Premonition\Premonition_static_objects\Amnesia Silent Hill\Vengeful's Custom Statics
Take BOTH black.mat AND black.tga and put it into your custom story \ Full conversion.
Then, easely go to your editor \ Choose plane \ Search for the black.mat and there is a BLACK background.
Only 1 thing! it does NOT shine or have any Alpha or Specular.
It is PURE blac and won't be affected by any lightsourse ( as you probly do NOT want to anyways )
Hope this helps a bit.
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