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Things you like and hate in Horror Games.
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RE: Things you like and hate in Horror Games.

A Good, Original Story (AMFP and Hyde)
Atmosphere (Daylight and ATDD)
Uses music to its advantage (AMFP and ATDD)
Uses proper scares (ie; Tension based scares. Daylight and ATDD)
Good Voice acting is always a bonus. (AMFP and Among the Sleep)
Good use of Enemies and Mechanics (ATDD and AMFP's Cut Infection Mechanic)

Shitty and Cheap Jumpscares (ie; Outlast and Slender)
Irritating or just Bad Voice acting (Certain amount of games...)
Almost any game that uses Slender Man and the shitty Collection mechanic...
Outright Laughable and Stupid Enemies.
Any game related to Creepypasta.
Games where you have a fucking whole orchestra behind you every time (Outlast and The Evil Within)

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