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Have you ever created a self-insert character?
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Have you ever created a self-insert character?

I suppose that's a rather silly question, as I suppose everyone has at some point or another. I'm just curious.
If you have, what were they like?

When I first started writing Lovecraftian horror pieces, I was reading about the self-insert characters various writers have worked into the Cthulhu mythos over time, and I found the concept rather amusing. I decided to create one as a larf, just to see what I would end up with - more or less an experiment to see whether I could avoid creating a Mary Sue.

Thus I set about to creating a minor supporting character, an Irish fellow by the name of Lir [he's named after the prince from The Last Unicorn - just spelled differently :3], who's only really notable characteristics are that he's biologically immortal and knows a lot about the occult. Well, that and his cryptic tattoos that read 'The truth is before your eyes' in the sister languages [which is a reference to my name, which is Latin for 'true'].

He exists solely for the purpose of giving information to other characters; he really doesn't amount to much else. Particularly considering that shortly after his first appearance, he gets relocated to the primary parallel universe I write about and rejoins his partner. At least he's not alone there with all of it's horrible denizens, I suppose x3.

While he's a self-insert, there are some fundamental differences between us. Gender, for one, as well as sexuality. Lir is also more passive than I am; I can be rather aggressive, although I'm typically easy to get along with.

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