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The August 2014 Celebrity Nude Photo Leaks
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RE: The August 2014 Celebrity Nude Photo Leaks

No, it's not really the victims' fault here, however the way I'd best describe it is lack of precaution. There are always gonna be bad people in this world, and the best we can do is take precautions and try to deal with it. Being a famous celebrity will just increase the chance of any of these things being targeted towards you.

I was going through some Youtube stuffs and found this comment by Trevour Reis which I share views with.
Spoiler below!
Quote:You guys don't get it.

Fault and responsibility are not the same thing, it is not the young ladies' fault that their pictures were gathered and leaked. But they bare some of the responsibility for putting them in a position where they could be in danger.

Does this lessen the fault of the hackers who leaked these? No.

Just like if you had a few naked photos (physical photos) and you accidentally left them at your best friend's house in the envelope with some other vacation photos or something. And your best friend's brother found them and gave copies to all his friends. Do you have a right to be mad? Yes. Is your friend's brother a dirt bag? Yes! But ultimately it was your responsibility to safeguard your private photos. And you're the one who forgot them and left them to be found.

Just like abstinence...
Abstinence IS the ONLY way to 100% eliminate the possibility of unwanted pregnancies and STDs. But if you are going to have sex use a condom to mitigate the risk, iCloud and cloud in general are like the pull out method of secure storage...

If you want to keep your private pictures private, either buy a real camera and save the pics on a USB or SD memory card. Or at least keep them on your personal computers. Or keep it to Polaroids.

Storing this sensitive information in the cloud is risky enough as it is. Just keeping a file on Dropbox gives anyone access to it if they would be sneaky enough to get ahold of the "share" link. Doing so will probably never happen to 99.9% of anyone, but the possibility is there so don't forget it.
Once it's online, it's never offline.

If you want something to remain private, at least put some effort into it. I'm not blaming the victims for doing anything wrong, but they could have prevented this themselves if they were more careful. Use encryption ESPECIALLY if it's stored online.

And when it comes to Reddit, I don't think anyone should put the blame on them. I mean that as in Reddit itself. There are bad people on Reddit just like there are bad people on Facebook. You don't blame all of Facebook for letting these people online though. What the people on Reddit did (regarding the prasing of the hacker) is obviously very wrong, but don't generalize.

Apparently people on Reddit felt bad for Jennifer Lawrence and decided to put up a donation towards JL's favorite charity (Prostate Cancer Foundation). I think the donation pool was around 25k dollars, but the charity turned them down because of what they did. I can understand why, in a sense, but I still don't agree with them. Many of the redditors donating had nothing to do with it and did not support what happened in the first place.

Lastly I just want to mention that in the aftermath of all this, I honestly don't think it makes you a horrible person if you are curious and look it up. It's human nature to be curious about things, and the damage is already done. Doing so or not, as you said, won't make a difference aside from personal respect to the victims. I can respect those who choose to never see it because that's what the victims would want, but I wouldn't tag those who do see it as perverts or inhumane or as if they're contributing to the damage.

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