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The August 2014 Celebrity Nude Photo Leaks
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RE: The August 2014 Celebrity Nude Photo Leaks

(09-07-2014, 12:10 PM)The chaser Wrote: This case is a case of privacy invasion. Yea, sure, the internet isn't the safest place to put your nudes, but I find the reaction of most people incredible. Most of people I've known didn't even think about the person that got their nude leaked. So, first things first:

-A nude, in most cases, is a PRIVATE photo. As it, it shall remain PRIVATE, which is the point. Having someone destroy your privacy is a really disgusting act.

-In some cases people like what the hacker has done, and that's plain outrageous. You shouldn't respect a thief that destroys someone's privacy like this, nevertheless of who's picture is. It's not everything about the who, it's about the "what". Sure, being famous is something that makes you a target, but that's not an excuse to do it. It's an abomination even if it was anyone who's personality isn't famous. It's not at all about the "who" it's about the "what", as I said before.

I've found myself to be the only one that thinks this in lots of conversations around my social circles.

Well that's disturbing.
But I guess women being broken down to individual parts instead of being an actual person is nothing new.

09-08-2014, 02:48 AM

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