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Penumbra App
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RE: Penumbra App

Eh, dementiums pretty crappy, story is rubbish and the weapons are very dull. pistol, shotgun, baton. etc. though the puzzles are cool and the controls are easy to master.

Have you seen silent hill for iphone? its utterly terrible, its in first person, and you tap the enemy to fire, have to tilt the iphone into a certain posistion to reload, and flick the screen in the direction you want to walk.
Its almost impossible to use in short.

A ds would work quite well, but with the expense of kind of funky controls.Trust me, there are so many tried and failed fps games for phones and psp's. They simply dont work out.
For phones, they even made counter strike, and a sniper game. not suprisingly, the company is having trouble making a profit.

Psp's, let's be reasonable, good gaming capabilities for 3rd person games, we have resistance retribution, killzone liberation, tekken. All work well on psp.
But as soon as you get a fps, you sacrafice graphic capabilities, the controls are small and unwieldy. And with only one joystick.. well, not easy going.

Nintendo Ds- Ok, it can work, i mean, halo was going to be on ds until nintendo got greedy. It still has the ability to work, but, the graphics are pretty low on portable gaming scale and the shaders are terrrible (in my opinion) And besides, nintendo has all that cutesy wutesy stuff like nintendogs, mario and mario kart, they want their console to be seen as a family friendly thing, while playstation has a history of violence (excuse the movie referance)

Wii- definately could work, and well.

Playstation and xbox, essentially the same thing, they both could run the game well, and maybe pump up the graphics.

But then there's the whole problem of converting it to a recognizable format, changing it to flash, cutting bits of the game,redoing the textures. Whole mountain of problems, which is mainly why small time game developers stick to a specific gaming platform.
Frictional stays with pc, and we love ya for that fg Big Grin:

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