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Ideal brigthness/gamma settings?
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Ideal brigthness/gamma settings?

Despite the high likelihood that a thread exactly like this already exists, i was unable to find it. So i apologize if one does.

Pretty simple question. How dark/bright should i be playing the game on? The word "barely" when i first got to tune the gamma settings in the game didn't help much. :?

I'm using the default 1.0 gamma, and i tuned the brightness of my monitor to default when i first bought it. But I'm suspecting it's too bright. When i entered the mine which should have next to zero light sources, i noticed that i can navigate the place well without any light source. It's dark enough to disallow reading the maps or the signs (or any other details), but not so dark that i stumble blindly into crates on the way.

I see a gameplay reason for this level of brightness though. Maybe Phillip's glowstick shouldn't be his equivalent of a blind man's stick with a neon sign saying "eat me" added? But on the other hand, it doesn't make sense that i can see anything at all when there is solid rock all around me.
04-17-2009, 05:32 PM

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